Hushang Omidizadeh is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Germany.
He studied art, design & visual communication.
For the past 25 years, he has worked as “Art & Creative Director”.

He already working his whole life with artistic expression.
His greatest passion is painting and photography.

His current traditional abstract painting series is heavily influenced by his monochrome photography.
Creativity, experimental ways of thinking, forms and compositions in painting, photography, design and typography influence his artistic works. He plays with structures, strong contrasts, light and shadow, good and evil, black and white, movement and stillness. His paintings are emotional expressions of the moment.

On the other hand, he’s creating powerful visuals using everything from acrylics and ink to photography and collage, merging analog and digital techniques to break the boundaries between different visual art forms.

He celebrated international success with several awards in the categories of art direction, editorial design & painting. His energetic works attracted the eye of various global brands and publications.

A selection of Awards, Exhibitions & Publications:

. Artly Mix – Cultural Space | Sao Paulo | Brazil
. Digital Chroma Berlin
. Teravarna Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
. Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing | China
. Villa Artista Hannover | Germany
. IF International Forum Design | Germany
. The International Design Awards „IDA“_Los Angeles | USA
. DDC, ADC, German Design Award
. NYPL, NewYorkPublicLibrary_NYC | USA

. Eclair Magazine
. FoxyLab New York Magazine
. Digital-Chroma.com
. Altiba9 Art Magazine
. Teravarna.com
. Kavyar Magazine
. Marika Magazine
. MatteMagazine
. MassiveLifestyle
. NastyMagazine
. VogueGermany
. WorldsModa

Thrilled to share some amazing news!

// Truly thrilled and grateful to share that a 10-page feature and cover about me & my works is now out in the “Eclair Magazine” November Vol 48 Issue No. 218
Check out more in the link:
Web Article:

You also can order the print issue

// An exclusive interview is out in the fabulous “FoxyLab New York Magazine”.
You can find the article:

// A further intriguing article about me as an artist has been published in the fantastic magazine „Altiba9“ in the November Issue.
Additionally, an interesting interview has also been featured in the online edition.

The Interview:

More information about the magazine:

You also can order “The Exclusive Print Issue“:
Al-Tiba9 ISSUE14 Print Magazine

// A 10-page feature about me is now out in the September edition of the awesome creative magazine “ChromArt”.
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