My whole life a single quest. Going further and further. Driven by wanderlust and accompanied by art. This is me.

“Hushang Omidizadeh”

About Hushang

Hushang Omidizadeh is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Germany.
He celebrated international success with several awards in the categories of art direction, editorial design & painting. His pictures have been exhibited throughout Europe, but also in galleries and museums in the USA and China. His energetic works attracted the eye of various global brands and publications.


Thrilled to share some news!

. 10-page feature & Cover about Hushang and his works is now out in the “Eclair Magazine” November Vol 48 Issue No. 218
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. An exclusive interview is out in the fabulous “FoxyLab New York Magazine”.
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. A further intriguing article about me as an artist has been published in the fantastic magazine „Altiba9“ in the November Issue.
Additionally, an interesting interview has also been featured in the online edition.

The Interview:

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Al-Tiba9 ISSUE14 Print Magazine

. A 10-page feature is now out in the September edition of the awesome creative magazine “ChromArt”.
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